Curriculum Vitae

Experience as an Expert Banking Witness

I have been providing expert banking evidence for many years in over 300 cases of litigation involving banks and other lending institutions. Evidence has included lending to companies as well as individuals, commercial mortgages, loans with mortgage indemnity, general banking practices, trade finance, development capital and mezzanine finance.

I have received instructions from solicitors acting for banks and other lenders and from solicitors acting against banks/lenders in almost equal measure.

I was a member of the working party, under Sir Louis Blom-Cooper which provided the guidelines for experts, following the reforms of Lord Woolf.

While most of the cases in which I have acted have involved UK banks or branches of overseas banks operating in the UK, I have also acted in cases where the transaction took place abroad. I have given evidence overseas on two occasions.

I have also acted in many claims involving non-banks - mortgage lenders such as building societies and centralised lenders as well as short term bridge lenders.

I believe that generally speaking most of the practices of banks and mortgage lenders are universal.

I have been cross-examined eighteen times in the High Court.

Professional Qualifications

  • Associate of The London Institute of Banking & Finance
  • Member of the Academy of Experts, Founding Member of the Expert Witness Institute.
  • CEDR Accredited Mediator and founder member of Specialist Mediators LLP

Career Details

Currently - Robin Bryant Consultancy

Providing advice to the financial services industry and provision of expert banking advice and evidence in respect of over 300 cases of litigation involving lenders with sixteen cross examinations.

2003 to 2008 - Specialist Mediators LLP
Designated Member (Partner)
Providing CEDR Accredited mediation services to parties in commercial dispute -

1992 to 2001 - Property Recovery Team

Partner in a commercial and industrial property lending recovery service to lenders. Clients included Barclays Bank and Lloyds TSB. Also Expert Banking Witness (see above)

1989 to 1991 - Riggs AP Bank Limited
Banking Director This was the British subsidiary of The Riggs National Bank of Washington DC. Responsible for the lending activities of the Bank and deputised for the managing director in his absence. Wrote the Bank's lending guidelines. Specifically, responsibilities included:

• Corporate and Finance Sector lending
• Trade Finance
• Instalment Credit
• Commercial Property lending
• Mortgage lending
• Overall control of the Bank's lending policies and exposures
• Senior member of the Bank's Credit Committee
• Marketing programmes
• Personal authority of £500,000
• Control of 55 employees

1987 to 1989 - N M Rothschild & Sons Limited, Manchester Office
Assistant Director This is the major merchant bank in the North of England. Responsibilities:

• All lending, including property and other business sectors, syndicated and club loans
• Membership of the Northern Board
• Member of the London Credit Committee responsible for all Rothchild's lending
• 15 staff

1986 to 1987 - Standard Chartered Bank Plc
Regional Manager Northern New Business Unit and Manager of the Manchester Branch. Responsibilities:
• Control of the largest and most profitable branch outside London
• Lending to a range of manufacturing and service industry companies – trade finance
• 80 employees
• 5 man new business team covering North of England and Scotland

1970 to 1986 - County Bank Limited
Joined County Bank in London in its second year of operation. At the date of leaving it had grown to employ some 2000 people. During the 16 years employed, gained experience in all aspects of corporate lending including private company equity (venture capital) and was progressively promoted to board level in 1981.

1984 to 1986

Based in London, managed two lending teams of 30 staff, negotiating and managing loans totalling £200 million and controlled lending in English branch offices. Sanctioning authority £1.5 million.

1981 to 1984

Based in Leeds and responsible for the Bank's branch office covering Yorkshire and the North East. Staff of 12. Activities included corporate lending and corporate advice and private company investment (venture capital).

1970 to 1981

Began by assisting in the negotiating of new loans, particularly in the property sector. Appointed Assistant Director in 1978. In charge of a team of 10 staff, lending to medium to large companies in leisure, property, manufacturing and service sectors. Handled syndicated and club loan transactions. Deals included private company equity transactions (venture capital). Prepared the Bank's guidelines for lending and procedural systems.

1960 to 1970 - Westminster Bank Limited (National Westminster Bank PLC)
Clerical duties

Personal Details

Nationality and Date of Birth: British - 6th November 1944 Marital status: Married with two adult children Education: Priory School, Banstead and St John's School, Leatherhead

Outside Interests: I am interested in politics, opera, ballet, theatre, most other performing arts, visual arts, antiques, most sports and keeping fit.

To employ my expert services please call for free.

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